Gwirfoddolwyr yn cofrestru i gefnogi pobol bregus Conwy yn sgil Covid-19

Cannoedd o bobol yn cofrestru fel gwirfoddolwyr yng Nghonwy.


 - Cyhoeddwyr yr erthygl hwn yn Saesneg - 


Llanrwst county councillor Aaron Wynne is setting up a network of people who will help people in need, making sure they are looked after and have deliveries of essentials.

The group is looking to have a volunteer in every street in the county.

Members would keep note of who needs help in their area and offer support including bringing food and other items to the homes of people who cannot come out.

Cllr Wynne, Plaid Cymru candidate for Aberconwy in next year’s Welsh election, said: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have at least one person in every street throughout Conwy county finding out who is most at risk and gathering their phone numbers to keep in touch? Whether people are ill or not, lots of older people are going to sensibly choose to spend much more time at home.

"While some of us can order supplies online, many older people are not online. If we don’t do something, how will these people get food and other basics?"

It is hoped that having volunteers help out, will take the pressure off services that will come under huge pressure in the coming weeks.

Cllr Wynne added: “If you are able to find out who needs support in your street, can regularly check up on them and get essential supplies for them, then please register as a community volunteer.”

Responding to interest he has already had, the councillor added: "Hundreds of you right across the county of Conwy have signed up in your communities to help the most vulnerable.

"That is from collecting essential shopping, collecting medicines, or even making sure people aren't lonely during these times.

"There is now a national database of volunteers here in Wales and there is roughly 200 people signing up each day to help."

"I will do everything I can to continue to support."

Those wishing to volunteer can visit


(This article was published on 1 April 2020)

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