Elusennau angen cefnogaeth gan y Llywodraeth i sicrhau parhad ôl-covid

Cynghorydd Llanrwst yn galw ar Lywodraeth Cymru i gamu mewn a chefnogi elusennau Cymru.


- Cyhoeddwyd yr erthygl yn Saesneg -


A hospice which provides vital care to about 140 children with life threatening conditions in North and Mid-Wales is hoping they will continue to receive support from the Welsh Government.

Tŷ Gobaith, which is just outside Conwy, and Hope House, in Oswestry, could lose up to £3million income this year because of the Coronavirus crisis.

The hospice said fundraising is unlikely to recover this year but they hope support will continue through other means.

Fortunately, the charity were able to open their shops in Llandudno, Welshpool, Bangor and Flint last month.

Andy Goldsmith. Hope House Children’s Hospices chief executive, said: “We rely on fundraising, donations and our charity shop sales to pay for more than 80 per cent of our annual running costs. At the moment all of our fundraising events are suspended and only four of our six charity shops in Wales have so far been able to reopen.

“Tŷ Gobaith and Hope House have stayed open throughout these difficult times providing vital crisis nursing and end-of-life care for children and families, while community teams are providing support to families online and by telephone.

“We are relieved and very grateful to have received emergency funding for hospices from the Welsh Government which has helped offset lost income and enabled us to stay open and provide vital care during the first three months of the crisis.

"With fundraising unlikely to recover this year we are hoping that the Welsh Government will continue to provide support for hospices as the crisis continues.”

Cllr Aaron Wynne, Llanrwst councillor, has lent his support to the hospice.

He said: "Most charities, such as food banks, have seen the demand for their support skyrocket while fundraising is curtailed.

"Well-known charities right across the North of Wales heavily rely on their high-street stores to fund their work and support their causes.

"With charities such as Hope House predicting a short-fall of £3million in funding, the Welsh Government must commit to continue to support these charities so their much-needed services and operations can continue post-pandemic."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Hospices are at the heart of our approach to end-of-life care. The support they provide to people, families and carers cannot be underestimated.

“We have provided some £6.3m to support hospices, to help them with lost income during the pandemic. We continue to work with hospices across Wales to understand their funding requirements.”

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